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Art Show Fall 2008


Lady Selah’ SuJuris Art on Exhibit at M Rosetta Hunter Gallery

October 26, 2008

Press Release

Lady Selah’ SuJuris Art on Exhibit  at M Rosetta Hunter Gallery in Seattle

A Collection of artwork by Kichwa artist Jose Conejo, and Ojibwa artist Lady Selah’ SuJuris bring the traditions of their cultural into expressive artwork. Featuring Aymara Journey, watercolor by Jose Conejo and Whimsical Chief, mixed media by Lady Selah’ SuJuris . Lady Selah’ SuJuris  will be showing art from the HeadDress Series; Artworks of Nature; (art created from natural products of the earth) as well as Life In Radiance Series; (glass, diamond & gemstone art). The Art will be on display beginning October 28, 5-7pm Opening Reception to November 26, 2008.

Seattle Community College 1701 Broadway # 2116 Seattle, WA 98122 / M Rosetta Hunter Gallery

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